Dancers 2015/16

Nefeli Kadinopoulou-Asteriou (*1992, Greece) started her dance training at the age of 16. Later she entered the professional department of State School of Dance in Athens where she graduated in July 2015. During these years she attended workshops with Damien Jalet, David Zambrano, Samuel Lefeuvre, Yen Chin Lin, and others. Recently she performed with the Hellenic Dance Company in Athens and New York, and participated in a performance project under the supervision of Rootlessroot dance company in Corfu, Greece. Nefeli is a member of SEAD’s BODHI PROJECT in the 2015/16 company year.

Young-Won Song (*1992, South Korea) started her daily dance practice in 2008 at Chungnam Art Highschool and then got accepted to SEAD’s undergraduate program in 2011, in which she completed in 2015. During her studies at SEAD Young-Won participated in the exchange program with Tisch School of the Arts / University of New York in 2014. She performed in creations by Christine Gouzelis and Paul Blackman, Jelka Millic, Milla Koistinen, and Roberto Olivan. In addition she taught dance at Chadwick International School in Incheon, South Korea. Young-Won is a member of SEAD‘s BODHI PROJECT in the 2015/16 company year.

Sami Similä (*1991, Finland) was born in Rovaniemi in Northern Finland. For almost ten years he trained in sports and ballroom dance and then attended the University of Applied Sciences in Turku for a program to become a professional dance teacher. Once he completed the program he joined the University of Arts in Helsinki, where he spent one year in both schools, and then changed to P.A.R.T.S. in Brussel where he worked with choreographers such as David Zambrano and Diana Madden, amongst others. Sami is a member of SEAD‘s BODHI PROJECT in the 2015/16 company year.

Alan Fuentes Guerra (*1986, Mexico) began his art studies in classical music at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and graduated as a dancer from the Professional School of Dance of Mazatlan (EPDM) in 2012. Since then he began his career with performing at different festivals in Mexico and was working with choreographers like Cecila Lugo, Miguel Mancillas, Claudia Lavista, Victor Ruiz, Leticia Alvarado, amongst others. In 2013 he began teaching at La Cantera dance studio in Mexico City, As well as assisting in many workshops. Alan is a member of SEAD‘s BODHI PROJECT in the 2015/16 company year.

Federico Valenti (*1991, Italy) started to study dance in his home town Catania at the age of 15 and continued his education in a professional dance training program at Scenario After two years he moved to Lausanne to join the junior company Le Marchepied. In 2013 he was accepted to the third year of SEAD’s undergraduate-program and graduated successfully in 2015. Federico is a member of SEAD‘s BODHI PROJECT in the 2015/16 company year.