BODHI PROJECT/ Stephanie Thiersch - Kritter


BODHI PROJECT/ Francesco Scavetta - All I know of which I'm not thinking

BODHI PROJECT/ Lisi Estaras - No Human No Cry!

BODHI PROJECT/ GN | MC - Guy Nader and Maria Campos - ROUTES

BODHI PROJECT / Lali Ayguadé, Lucy


BODHI PROJECT / Christine Gouzelis & Paul Blackman (Jukstapoz) “Fragile Matter”


BODHI PROJECT / Robert Clark:
“same, difference, again”

BODHI PROJECT/ Hillel Kogan - Dancer is the Answer

BODHI PROJECT/ Jose Agudo - BHAJ - to belong to

BODHI PROJECT / Cecilia Bengolea,
Sound of the Trap

BODHI PROJECT / Jarkko Mandelin,
Beneath a Falling Sky

BODHI PROJECT / Iratxe Ansa & Igor Bacovich “EXSTESIA”

BODHI PROJECT / Sita Ostheimer “Ubuntu”