Dancers 2017/18

Tina Forès-Hitt (*1994, USA) was brought up between the United States and Europe, living as much in Austin, Texas, as in Valencia, Spain. She made a BA in Dance at ArtEZ Academy of the Arts in Arnhem in 2015, and then studied at SEAD until 2017. The Spanish-American dancer was a member of Divers Space Youth Dance Theatre in Austin, Texas, made own choreographic work such as “A Taste of Honey” and “Ophelia” (2013), collaborated with Julia Barrios de la Mora and Caspas Knops, and danced in pieces by Eduardo Torroja / Ultima Vez, Elton Petri, Jelka Milic, just to name a few. Currently, Tina is a member of BODHI PROJECT 2017/18.

Máté Horváth (*1994, Hungary) started dancing at the age of seven. Since he was a child he attended theater pieces as a dancer and a child actor. When he turned 14 he auditioned for the Győr Dance & Fine Arts school where he was selected and later trained for five years, five days a week of classical ballet and modern. During his school years, he was part of an improvisational dance theater and has been ever since. When he graduated he worked for a year as a freelancer with different middle-eastern dance companies and international choreographers and then went to SEAD to continue his education for 3 years. Máté was a guest dancer of BODHI PROJECT in the production of Fragile Matter (Paul Blackman, Christine Gouzelis) and was touring to Battery Dance Festival New York in July 2016. Now he is a member of BODHI PROJECT 2017/18.

Luca Kancsó (*1996, Hungary) first was into running and athletics until she realized the competitive sports world was not made for her. Instead, she started dancing Hip Hop. At the age of 13, Luca was accepted into the Budapest Contemporary Dance School where she studied her High School as well as Hungarian folk dance improvisation, balett, parkour and contemporary dance. After that, she wished to get deeper into her dance training and auditioned for SEAD where she was taken directly into the 3rd year. Within the past years Luca danced in productions by Eduardo Torroja / Ultima Vez, Adrienn Hód, Elton Petri, Jelka Milic, Milla Koistinen, Tamás Bakó, Petrovics Sándor, Eszter Gál, amongst others. Having graduated in 2017, she has decided to stay one more year in Salzburg. She is a member of BODHI PROJECT 2017/18.

Tilly Sordat (*1995, France) was born in France and began dancing ballet at the age of seven. Leaving home at 14 to the become a student of the Regional Conservatory of Lyon, her interests soon turned towards contemporary dance as she performed "Ice" and "Josephine's cat" by Carolyn Carlson for the first time. In 2013, she started her dance studies at SEAD from where she graduated in 2017. Right after graduation, Tilly spent her summer time in SEAD to participate in an international Yoga Teacher Training and obtained her certification. She is a member of BODHI PROJECT 2017/18.

Félix Urbina Alejandre (*1992, Mexico) started his in dance and theatre studies at CEDART Diego Rivera High School in Mexico City, where he got in contact with different artistic disciplines and activities. Having a strong interest for the power of the body on stage, he later on decided to focus solely on dance, and performed his studies in the National Academy of Mexican Dance, the Dance Faculty of the University of Veracruz, and finally in SEAD from 2013 to 2017. He danced in productions by Eduardo Torroja / Ultima Vez, Milla Koistinen, Grace Ellen Barkery / Jan Lauwers (Needcompany), amongst others, and took part in different workshops with David Zambrano, Edivaldo Ernesto or Ricardo Ambrozio. In 2012 he got awarded for Best Choreography of ENEDAC, National Contemporary Dance Students’ Encounter in Mexico. He also taught workshops for professional dancers for the Dance Faculty in Xalapa, Mexico, and Primate Escénico Workshop 2017. Félix believes that each body carries a history, and that through dance we enable our ability to understand others and relate to the world we share. He is a member of BODHI PROJECT 2017/18.

Ruby Frances Jones (*1997, USA) grew up in the town of Jackson, Wyoming. She began acting and singing with a children's performance troupe at a young age and continued to develop her performance practice with different Junior companies and guest artists. After graduating Ruby moved to the United Kingdom to train at London Contemporary Dance School. As part of her studies Ruby performed the repertory of Hofesh Shechter Company, Batsheva Dance Company, Netherlands Dance Theater, Richard Alston Dance Company, and the Cunningham Company, in addition to creating new works with Renaud Wiser, Lauren Potter, Mickael Marso Riviere, and Mbulelo Ndabeni. Ruby's own work “malfunction h2t” conceived in collaboration with the Guildhall School of Music, was nominated for the David Steele Award for Student Choreography at The Place Theater in 2017. She completed her Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree from London Contemporary Dance School in July 2017. Her passion for movement extends to a strong yogic practice alongside her dance training and is currently pursuing a teaching certification. Ruby is a member of BODHI PROJECT 2017/18.