Guest Dancers 2016/17

Aleksandra Krajewska (*1994, Poland) started dancing various styles from Latin ballroom to musical theatre, ballet, contemporary, jazz, modern, hip hop, character and folk dance. In 2013 she began her studies in SEAD-Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, while working besides as a dancer and model in concerts, commercials, tv shows, as well as theatre and opera productions, latest including new production of 'Faust' in Salzburger Festspiele. Aleksandra is a guest dancer in the creation EXSTESIA.

Antonio Somera Jr. is a quirky interpreter, robust space-eater, and a nimble cat-lover. Based out of Vancouver, Canada, he is a member of emerging collectives: MAYCE, Konichiwaack, and OURO. After achieving a BFA from the SFU Contemporary Dance Program, Antonio has performed on various stages around the west coast of Canada such as 12 Minutes Max, BC Buds, Vines Art Festival, Vancouver International Dance Festival, OnTheBoards, Chinook Series Festival, Dance in Victoria and Dancing on the Edge. He was also a prime dancer for two companies: The Response Dance Company and Dancers Dancing Company. Antonio is also an avid participant in the street-dance community, instructing and spreading the knowledge of waacking. He was the waacking judge of the Gadfly Awards Recipient, Vancouver Street Dance Festival 2016. Antonio is currently engaged in the contemporary dance academy at SEAD in Austria. He is taking his adventures to Europe in order to understand a greater perspective of his own artistic endeavours and to share cultural experiences. Antonio is always willing to be playful and to discover the phenomena in this beautiful world.